Fruit can be hard to resist, especially in the summer months when options are ripe and juicy. But unfortunately, modern fruits are very high in natural sugars (which means they’re high in carbohydrates), making them almost off-limits on the Keto Zone diet.

There’s one caveat, however: berries! There are a few berries that can, in low moderation, fit into the diet.

Best Low Carb Fruits on a Keto Diet (with Net Carb Counts)

Berries are the only low carb fruits that really fit into a low-carb diet because they are:

  • Lower in natural sugars
  • High in fiber, making the net carb amounts lower
  • Richer in nutrition, providing important vitamins and minerals
  • Lower on the glycemic index than other fruits

Here are the net carb amounts (total carbs minus fiber) of the top four berries, ranked from lowest to highest:

  • Blackberries, ¼ cup whole: 1.5 net carbs
  • Raspberries, ¼ cup whole: 1.8 net carbs
  • Strawberries, ¼ cup sliced: 2.4 net carbs
  • Blueberries, ¼ cup whole: 4.4 net carbs

One fourth cup of berries is about a small handful. Be sure to measure them closely, especially if you’re trying to lose weight on keto, and to make them a very rare treat. If you have the carb allowance, you could increase the amount to ½ cup.

Once you reach your goal weight and become keto-adapted, you can have slightly more. It’s all about seeing how your body responds. But on average, less it better.

Thankfully, you can easily get your fiber, vitamins, and minerals from low carb keto vegetables without worrying about all the sugar from fruits!

Also, make sure you avoid fruits that are dehydrated, dried, or made into juices. The sugars will be concentrated and way too high-carb for keto.

How to Eat Low Carb Fruits the Keto Zone Way

If you do choose to have some berries, combine them with high-fat Keto Zone friendly foods to pump up the fat to carb ratio:

  • Drizzle some berries with coconut manna or coconut oil
  • Mix with heavy cream or coconut cream
  • Melt some no-sugar dark chocolate to dip them in
  • Add a few on top of keto chocolate cake or keto avocado ice cream

You can also cut your strawberries up into smaller pieces or slices to savor them longer. Measure them out into a nice bowl and sit down at the table to enjoy to avoid mindless eating.

Also, remember to drink plenty of water! If you find yourself really craving the juiciness of fruits, you might be dehydrated.

If you find it hard to control yourself around even low carb fruits, staying away from them completely might be best. Focus on low carb vegetables instead, eat plenty of wholesome keto fats, and stand firm in your convictions to lose weight and get healthy in the Keto Zone.

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