Since we can’t eat with extended family, friends, and community right now, many people are turning to “recipe sharing” as a way to feel connected through food. And, that’s great! Eating together, or at least sharing in part of the experience has been a bonding event for centuries. We have 5 favorite Keto Zone recipes for isolation recipe share to help you offer some extremely healthy, immune-boosting, and low-carb options.

Why share these options?

During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are all depending on the strength of our immune systems to first resist the virus infection, and then fight it if needed. While those who are already suffering from an immunocompromised condition are at the highest risk of severe symptoms (1), all of us can use a greater immune function.

The ingredients in these foods are immune-boosting ingredients, with compounds that promote less inflammation and better immune function. They are also low-sugar, to avoid the immune-system coma and inflammations that can occur with high sugar intake (2). Give ’em a try, and share ’em with loved ones today!

5 Favorite Keto Zone Immune-Boosting Recipes for Isolation Recipe Shares

Keto Zone Bacon Pickle Fries

How can this recipe be immune boosting? Easy! Natural pickles (without all the added colorings, flavorings, and sugar) are incredibly nutritious. They offer antioxidants to quench free radicals (which inhibit the immune system), and compounds that help you control blood sugars.

High blood sugars are associated with higher infection risk. With every food choice and meal, reach for foods that keep blood sugars healthy and immune system boosted!

Delicious Secret Kale Salad with Raspberries

Why is this recipe a secret? It’s not a secret ingredient, but a secret method for making kale delicious. You may not love kale’s thick texture, but when you use this recipe with olive oil, raspberries, and more, you’ll unleash a delicious crowd-pleasing flavor and loads of antioxidants.

Dr. Colbert’s Favorite Immune Boosting Dinner

This recipe boasts many amazing immune-boosting ingredients. They include garlic, onions, black peppers, lemon juice, cauliflower, and extra virgin olive oil.

Together, these ingredients are anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, and promote cellular detoxification.

It’s also an incredibly easy dinner, made with real-food, common ingredients. It’s delicious!

Keto Zone Lemonade

Lemons are a wonderful food when you want to stay healthy and boost your immune system.

They are high in vitamin C and fight oral infections in the mouth and digestive tract.

What’s more, compared to conventional lemonade, our Keto Zone version is low in sugar. Conventional lemonade contains about 30 grams of sugar per 8 ounces. Ingesting high amounts of sugar won’t help you; in fact, it can lead to more inflammation and a lethargic immune system.

Keto Zone Lemonade contains no sugar and will support your whole-body health.

Decadent Keto Zone Chocolate Cake

What’s a virtual dinner without a decadent dessert? Not as fun as it could be! And this Keto Zone Chocolate Cake is healthy, immune-boosting, and delicious.

In fact, it uses cacao powder, one of the strongest antioxidants available. Then, you’ll use apple cider vinegar with can fight viruses, bacteria, yeast, and more, and healthy fats like coconut oil.

Share it and enjoy low-carbohydrate chocolate cake with your loved ones!

Bottom Line

You may not be able to share a meal with loved ones and community, but you can still share a recipe and eat it together virtually. Try our 5 favorite Keto Zone immune-boosting recipes for isolation recipe sharing. They are sure to be a hit!