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Keto Zone Story


Dr. Don Colbert, Founder of Divine Health, graduated from Oral Roberts University Medical School in 1984, and completed his internship and residency at Florida Hospital. Dr. Colbert has been board certified in Family Practice and Anti Aging for over 20 years, focusing his practices now on anti-aging and integrative medicine in Central Florida and Dallas, Texas. He is also a New York Times “Best Selling Author” and “National Best Selling Author” for writing over 40 books, including the “Keto Zone Diet”, “The Hormone Zone,” and “Let Food Be Your Medicine.


After years of testing thousands of foods and natural ingredients and supplements on himself and on his patients, Dr. Colbert developed the Keto Zone Diet along with the Keto Zone supplement line. Dr. Colbert considers the Keto Zone System the most complete and effective wellness program he has found to date.  To live a truly healthy life, Dr. Colbert continues to make Keto Zone Products a part of his daily routine. Each of the Keto Zone products provide the proper balance of daily nutrients to keep you in the Keto Zone, which is not just the state of ketosis, but an overall state of well-being.The Keto Zone is when the cells in your body switch from using glucose (sugar) as their primary fuel source to using ketones and fat.


Aside from the Keto Diet, Dr. Colbert developed the Keto Zone supplement line designed to aid individuals looking for a completely safe and natural metabolic state that leads to weight loss, increased energy, enhanced focus, balanced blood sugar, and decreased inflammation.* Cravings are diminished, hunger is suppressed, energy is increased, mental clarity is present and sleep is deep and restful!*