There’s a lot of buzz around the ketogenic diet. People are using it to lose stubborn body fat, get healthier, and even prevent disease. But there’s a lot that makes the Keto Zone diet special, and it’s more than just ketosis.

What is the Keto Zone: 5 Ways to Know You’re In It

Dr. Don Colbert founded the Keto Zone diet after seeing too many patients with inoperable, end-stage cancers. He discovered the key helping his patients live longer was keeping them in a state of ketosis where their bodies were burning fat for fuel instead of glucose.

He did this by putting them on a modified ketogenic diet that’s high-fat, moderate protein, and low-carb.

But that’s not all—the diet was also extremely effective for weight and fat loss, decreasing blood pressure, and healing conditions like type II diabetes, acid reflux, arthritis, sleep apnea.

And while ketosis is a step to entering the Keto Zone, the Keto Zone is not just ketosis! Here are the other components of what it means to be in the Zone.

1. Burning Fat as Fuel: Weight Loss and Belly Fat Loss

When you lower your carb intakes, insulin levels drop and your metabolism shifts into ketosis: fat-burning mode.

And the first fat you typically burn in the Keto Zone is belly fat.

Eating lots of healthy fats and a moderate amount of healthy proteins, which the Keto Zone diet guides you to do, will further speed up the fat-burning process—so you can finally reach your goal weight.

(Just look at the 40-pound weight loss results Mary Colbert, Dr. Colbert’s wife, has achieved!)

2. Suppressed Appetite (No Hunger!)

We often hear from those just entering the Keto Zone: “My hunger is gone!”

In the Keto Zone, it’s common to skip breakfast and only need two meals a day. Ketones control hunger and satiety hormones. Plus, all that healthy fat makes the diet so satisfying you’ll rarely feel hungry at all!

3. Tremendous Energy

You’ll experience an enormous boost in natural energy in the Keto Zone! Your body will be burning energy so efficiently, reducing any fatigue and mid-day slumps you’re used to feeling. That also means no more crazy sugar cravings or overeating to try to get your energy back up.

4. A Clear, Smooth State of Mind

Brain fog goes away in the Keto Zone. Expect higher mental clarity and concentration and, as some say, the feeling like a fog has been lifted.

5. Steady Mood and More Fulfilling Sleep

Another sign of entering the Keto Zone? A more peaceful mood.

When you’re in the Zone, your body start making more of the neurotransmitter GABA that makes you feel calm. This can also help you sleep and rest better because your mind isn’t racing as much anymore.

Get There Faster: Utilize the Keto Zone Nutritional System

The average person can enter the Keto Zone in about 1-3 days. If you’re pre-diabetic or diabetic, it can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. (Unless you take our Instant Ketones, which can get you there within an hour!)

And when the diet isn’t quite enough or if you want to enter the Keto Zone fast, you can use Dr. Colbert’s science-based Keto Zone Nutritional System. You’ll boost the Keto Zone’s effects by giving your body essential fats, proteins, and digestive enzymes that limit the time it takes to see results.

Ready to enter the Keto Zone and experience these results for yourself? Order the book and join our very active and supportive Keto Zone Facebook group community. We’re excited for you to join us!