Are you ready to make changes and obtain a healthy weight?


You may have tried in the past, and you may have not had important tools to help you along the way. Here are our top 9 Keto Zone Products and Habits for a Healthy Weight. They include clear, concise plans, tips, products and more.

You’ve got the drive, now add the tools that will help you get there!

Best 9 Keto Zone Products & Habits to Meet Weight Goals the Month

1. A Clear & Easy Keto Plan

Sure, you can spend hours online searching for keto tips and recipes.

But especially if you’re just starting out with Keto Zone® eating, it is much easier to use an all-in-one guide.

You’re in luck. There’s one written specifically for a Keto Zone® lifestyle: Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Book.

From the beginning, you’ll get clear instruction on how to start a Keto Zone® lifestyle and reach a healthy weight. Not just philosophy or research (although it’s science-backed), but a complete plan.

2. MCT Oil and Fat Bombs

Medium Chain Triglycerides, or MCTs, are a special type of saturated fats that are digested easily and provide many health benefits in the body.

In fact, they aide in fat loss and energy production.

When MCT oil is obtained from foods like coconut oil, it is isolated and concentrated for maximum health benefits and a healthy weight.

MCT Oil is a must have product for your weight loss goals because it:

  • Supports Heart Health. Medium chain triglycerides have been shown to improve cholesterol profiles by decreasing LDL cholesterol, decreasing the number of LDL particles, and increasing HDL cholesterol (1, 2).
  • Helps the body burn fat. The most potent fatty acid in MCT oil is concentrated in MCT Oil Powder, and it helps your body burn fat as fuel rather than carbs (3,4).
  • Increases ketone production and provides amazing fuel for your brain. In fact, when using the Keto Zone diet, MCT Oil will help the body produce ketones quicker. Ketones can also boost mood.
  • Increases energy. Want more energy while losing fat? MCT Oil is easily digested and used by the energy-powerhouses of the cells as a sustained energy source (5).

Fortunately, there are 2 great ways to consume MCT Oil from the Keto Zone®. Try MCT Oil Softgels and MCT Oil Powder  today. Many of these Keto Zone® Fat Bomb Recipes and Tips utilize MCT Oil!

3. Ketone Strips

When aiming for the Keto Zone®, you may want to know if you’re actually in ketosis or not. An easy and inexpensive way to know is by using Ketone Strips.

When your body is utilizing fat for energy and making ketones, they are detectable in your urine. By simply using a ketone strip, you can find out if ketones are present in mere seconds.

Ketone strips take the guesswork out of Keto Zone eating.

4. Easy Starter Tips

Want real-life tips from real-life Keto Zone users? Try these! We’ve gathered some of the most effective, inexpensive, easy tips to help you in your healthy weight journey.

These tips include daily habits, keto tips, and exercise.

They’ve done it, and so can you!

5. Food Diaries

As you’ll see from the real-life tips, food diaries and carbohydrate apps can really help.

A food diary is an amazing tool for any weight loss journey. Simply write down your intake. Use an app or other resource to become familiar with carbohydrate amounts in foods. To learn more about carbs and reading food labels, check out this post.

While there’s nothing magic about food diaries, they do help by:

  • Allowing for self-accountability
  • Adding up the grams of carbohydrates and seeing how that affects weight loss
  • Troubleshooting issues with weight loss, hunger, etc.
  • Keeping a record to repeat successes and avoiding challenges

It’s easy and free to keep an online food journal or simply a written one.

6. Add Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is amazing for promoting overall health and healthy weights (5). And, it can be extremely motivating to jumpstart weight changes now.

An easy way to start intermittent fasting is to stop eating at 7:00 every night, and resume at 11:00 am every morning. Between waking up and eating at 11:00, you can have non-carb drinks such as coffee, coffee with MCT Oil and Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder, tea, or drinks that utilize healthy sugar substitutes (erythritol, stevia, etc.).

At 11:00 or so, eat a Keto lunch, and then eat your Keto dinner around 6:00. Between lunch and dinner add 1-2 Keto Zone snacks such as fat bombs or other healthy favorites.

7. Replacement Recipes for Your Favorite Foods

Do you miss some of your favorite foods? Do you crave them?

Why not replace them?

Your Keto Zone® food choices should not be boring or bland. In fact, you’ll likely find you don’t miss foods at all once you learn a few new recipes.

There are many amazingly satisfying recipes on this site. They include:

No-Bake Keto Zone Chocolate Almond Cookies

Keto Zone Lemon Curd

Keto Zone Cheesecake

In addition, the Quick and Healthy Keto Zone Cookbook is now available! And, you can find ample Keto Zone recipes here or on other pages.

8. Daily, Weekly, and Overall Goals

Can you really change your weight in the next 6-8 weeks? You can. Set your goals now.

First, take time to set daily “habit goals.” These goals need to be action-based and in your control. For example:

  • I will fast from 7:00 pm to 11:00 am each day.
  • I will not eat more than 25 grams of net carbs per day.

Then, set weekly goals. These should also be in your control. They can include exercising 3 times per week, sticking to your daily eating goals each day, or journaling.

And lastly, set a goal overall for the next 6-8 weeks. Is your goal to lose 15 pounds? Set it and write it down.

Write all of these goals down and put the paper in a place you can read it when the going gets tough. It will keep you motivated to stay on track.

You can do it!

9. Support and Ongoing Challenges

Finding a supportive community is a big help on your weight loss journey.

First, you can find a lot of encouragement, tips, and Keto Zone recipes on this blog.

Next, consider joining the 21-Day Keto Zone Challenge. This challenge is the perfect way to get started, especially if you’re using the other tools listed above.

During the challenge, you’ll receive support and encouragement with blog posts, tips, and recipes.

Bonus: The Divine Health Keto Zone Starter Kit includes Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone® book and many of the other must-have products listed above.

Bottom Line

Changing your weight may be a challenge, but you can do it! Take time to use our top Keto Zone® products and habits listed above. Each will make your journey easier. Start today!