Testosterone Zone (Pineapple Flavor)

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Testosterone Zone (Pineapple Flavor)

Dr. Colbert, M.D. Formulated Nutrition

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Testosterone Zone Pineapple embodies a savory, appetizing flavor for optimal enjoyment. Dr. Colbert methodically formulated Testosterone Zone to boost testosterone levels in both men and women, guaranteeing proper regeneration and function of the hormone.


Testosterone Zone is created with all-natural ingredients, which work instantly to improve libido, bone density, muscle mass and strength, and red blood cell production. Not only does Testosterone Zone assist in improving fertility and sex reproduction, our supplement also aids brain and memory function, metabolism, energy levels, and concentration.


  • Supports healthy levels of free testosterone*
  • Reduces recovery time following sexual activity*
  • Supports muscle mass*
  • Promotes healthy energy levels*
  • Helps reduce normal symptoms of Andropause in men over age 40*
  • Testosterone levels begin to decline 1% every year as men age
  • Menopause and aging are the two major causes of low testosterone levels in women
  • Low testosterone levels in women affect fertility, fat distribution, diminish sex drive and bone density
  • Testosterone Zone hosts a combination of essential vitamins, such as vitamin B6, B12, magnesium, zinc and more.

Ingredients Breakdown


Testofen®, also known as the natural extraction of the herb Fenugreek, has a variety of functions for both men and women. For women, fenugreek helps with painful menstruation, menopause, arthritis, poor thyroid function and promotes breast milk production in nursing mothers. For men, fenugreek helps boost testosterone levels and libido. Fenugreek also eases digestive problems, like upset stomach and constipation, is an anti-inflammatory for the stomach, and helps control diabetes.

Vitamin B6, also known as pyridoxine, is responsible for producing the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, as well as the formation of myelin. Housed in the vitamin-B complex family, vitamin B6 activates over 100 enzyme reactions, like brain and memory function, metabolism, and creating hemoglobin.


Vitamin B12 supplies an endless amount of functions, such as prevents memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, aging, and can boost energy levels, energy, concentration, mental function, and the immune system. Vitamin B12 aids in sustaining male fertility, strengthening bones, lowering the risk of heart disease, mental disorders and more. Additional vitamin B12 is found in foods like meat, fish and dairy products.


Magnesium promotes the growth of bones, as well as the proper function of nerves, muscles, and helps neutralize stomach acid and digestion. Magnesium is also found in vegetables like broccoli, squash, and leafy greens, seeds and nuts like almonds, as well as meats, chocolate, dairy products and coffee.


Zinc helps men combat male infertility and erectile dysfunction, and is also needed for immune and thyroid function. Zinc is commonly found in red meat, poultry, fish and dairy products.


Product Guide:


Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for the development of male sexual production. Hormones act as chemical messengers sent through the bloodstream to deliver commands to organs and tissues. Testosterone stimulates male sex drive, bone density, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, red blood cell production and sperm production. Levels of testosterone naturally decrease as men age, which can cause hair loss and baldness, infertility and muscle dystrophy, as well as a magnitude of imbalances within the body.


Normal male testosterone levels are between 300 – 1,110 ng/dL, and are determined by your age, genetics and existing health conditions. Testosterone levels decline with age at about the rate of 1% every year, therefore production is essential for everyday lifestyles and health.


Testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day: they usually peak in the morning and dip in the afternoon


Women need testosterone too!


Testosterone boosts your mood and energy levels, increases libido, strengthens muscles and bones, and more. Female testosterone is made in the ovaries and adrenal glands, and normal levels are between 2 – 45 ng/dL. Women testosterone levels affect fertility, red blood cell production, and muscle and fat distribution. Low testosterone in women can lead to diminished sex drive, fragile bones, and depression. 



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