If you’re looking for a kitchen tool to make life a bit easier, it’s an electric pressure cooker.


This simple-to-use device can drastically cut down cooking times and works incredibly well with Keto Zone eating.

In fact, it can help you get dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes, from frozen meat to serve, when needed.

What’s more, it’s not the scary, loud pot of old. There’s no whistling or rattling, just a countertop gadget with many functions.

Here are 9 ways an electric pressure cooker make Keto Zone eating even easier.

9 Ways Electric Pressure Cookers Make Keto Zone Eating Easier

1. Electric Pressure Cookers can cook dinner in 30 minutes or less.

Believe it or not, you can start with frozen meat and pressure cook it to completely done in 25 minutes. While I try to thaw meat ahead of time, sometimes I forget. Now I can cook my frozen meat quickly, and simply add healthy fats and Keto Zone vegetables on the side. Just like that, dinner is done.

2. They cook with little odor, safe and quiet.

When most people think of pressure cookers, they think of the stovetop version circa the 1970s. While effective, these older ones are a bit intimidating. They are noisy, they rattled, and they scared small children.

What’s more, unlike traditional slow cookers, electric pressure cookers seal tightly and expel very little odor. This can be good or bad depending on if you want the house to smell like dinner.

3. You can still slow-cook if you want.

Most modern models are many appliances in one. In fact, most work as a slow cooker.

If you like a slow cook recipe just the way it is, no problem.

For example, you can cook these Keto Zone Overnight “Oatmeal” or Keto Zone Beef and Broccoli in it.

And, there’s one more slow-cook benefit: Electric Pressure Cookers can also saute. Since many slow cooker recipes ask that you first saute meat, and then place in the slow cooker, you can save time and clean-up by doing both in one appliance.

4. Keto Zone stews and soups.

You can easily make stews, soups, and homemade broths with an electric pressure cooker.

In fact, they have a function just for these foods.

In very little time, you have tender meats and vegetables, ready to serve.

5.  It keeps dinner warm as long as you’d like.

Unlike stovetop cooking, a pressure cooker will keep your dinner warm without burning it. If your household is like most, you may have different eating times among family members due to activities and busy schedules.

A pressure cooker allows for a warm-cooked meal for hours.

6. One-pot cooking means less cleanup.

I don’t like dishes. I especially don’t like cleaning multiple pots and pans from dinner.

You can do it all in an electric pressure cooker.

In fact, like a slow cooker, you can cook meat and vegetables at once and come out with tender textures.

And, with the saute function, these are more versatile than ever.

Since most are stainless steel (no non-stick coating!), simply apply a bit of coconut or avocado oil to the pot before cooking for easy clean-up.

7. Doubles your recipes for extra dinners.

One of my favorite dinner time-savers is doubling one dinner for the next week. It saves money, too.

Since an electric pressure cooker allows you to cook large amounts easily, it’s easy to double dinner. Then, simply freeze and reheat.

Essentially, you get a night “off” the following week, with little effort for dinner.

8. Hard-Boiled eggs galore.

Using an electric pressure cooker, you can hard-boil a large number of eggs, even  18-24, in just 15 minutes.

The best part?

These eggs come out great. The shells are easy to remove and the yolks are consistently perfect. And believe it or not, pressure cooking may even make the protein more digestible in some foods than other cooking methods (1).

Simply place 1 cup water in the pot, add the rack, add the eggs, and manual cook for 5 minutes. As you’ll learn from any pressure cooker guide, it will take some time to “come to pressure” and some to “release pressure.” In this case, about 5 minutes each, for a total time of 15 minutes (including the actual cooking time).

9. Homemade high-probiotic yogurt

If you are a Keto Zone eater who still wants to include some plain yogurt, you can make incredibly high-probiotic yogurt using an electric pressure cooker.

In fact, it’s easy since most have a yogurt cooker function.

It keeps the yogurt at the appropriate temperature during the entire fermenting time, leaving you with consistently thick, delicious, fresh yogurt.

It’s almost fool-proof.

Bottom Line

You can save a lot of time with an electric pressure cooker. If you don’t have one, you can do many of these same things with a stove-top version or slow cooker.

But for ease and multi-function, the new pressure cookers are an incredibly useful tool for Keto Zone eating.