Heading out for a summer vacation soon?

If so, you may be a bit nervous about staying in the Keto Zone while traveling.

You’ve worked hard. And while you want to enjoy yourself, you don’t want to completely derail all the progress you’ve made.

Is it possible to stay in the Keto Zone while on vacation?

It is!

Here are our Top Keto Zone Vacation Tips. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can stay in the Keto Zone and still have the vacation of your dreams!

Top Keto Zone Vacation Tips

Bring Your Keto Zone Powders and Supplements

First, it can really help to bring along the Keto Zone powders and supplements you use to help you stay on track.

Our first Keto Zone Vacation Tip is to bring your Keto Zone supplements with you:

  • Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder – Your go-to MCT oil powder coffee creamer can turn any coffee into a Keto Zone one. It’s delicious and will start your day off right.
  • Green and Red SupremeFood – You will feel so much better if you can still supply your body with the fermented fruits and vegetables to which it’s now accustomed.  Add these to water or any Keto drink to give your body a jolt of nutrients.
  • Keto Zone Hydrolyzed Collagen – Add this powder to any drink or stirrable dish to add nourishing protein
  • Keto Zone Instant Ketones – Add these to your diet throughout the day to keep your mind sharp and your body energized. Or, if you do happen to stray from Keto Zone eating, Instant Ketones can help get you back into ketosis quickly without feeling any low-energy effects.

Plan Ahead For the Travel In the Car, Airport, Plane, or Train

It’s easy to over-eat or eat the wrong things when you’re stuck in a car or airport. These tips will help:

  • Don’t let your sitting in a car turn into an all-you-can-eat grazing buffet. For some reason, people tend to let go of regular eating times while driving.  Instead, stick to your normal meals and snacks. Make sure there are breaks of not eating in between them (hormone and blood sugar cycles do well with eating and not eating rather than constant grazing).
  • Snacks: Generally, it’s hard to find good-quality snacks on the road unless you stop at a real grocery store. So, have a plan and bring snacks with you or options you know will be available at stores (see below).
  • Hydrate well. There’s something about traveling that tends to dehydrate us. It may be the often hectic schedule required to get out the door, the lack of drinking options on planes, or the desire to not want to stop too many times while driving. Whatever the culprit, make it a point to carry fluids with you as much as possible and hydrate well.
  • You can still enjoy many restaurant foods if you know the steps for Keto Zone restaurant eating (below).

Bring Keto Zone Snacks that Travel Well

With a bit of planning you can take these snacks with you (some will require a cooler):

  • Keto Zone Baked goods such as Keto Zone Chocolate Almond Bars, Lemon Berry SconesCumin Roasted Pepitas
  • Keto Zone Fat Bombs (keep in cooler)
  • Vegetables such as celery sticks and cucumbers. With a cooler, take pesto, cream cheese or guacamole along with you.
  • Nuts and nut butters
  • Hard-boiled eggs and salt
  • Single-package cheese such as string cheese, Laughing Cow, or Babybel
  • Jerky, dry salami and cooked bacon
  • Ham and cheese roll-ups

Keto Zone Plan for Restaurants

Keto Zone Restaurant eating is easy if you know the steps. Here are 5 Fool-Proof Steps:

Step 1: Drinks, anyone? Start with water, sparkling water, tea, coffee, or another non-sugary drink (there may be stevia-based options). Avoid soft drinks, lemonades, or sugary-alcoholic drinks.

Step 2: If choosing an appetizer, order a salad or meat and cheese plate (sans crackers). The best dressing option is olive oil and vinegar. Or, carry your own small keto zone dressing with you.

Step 3: Time for the main course.  Omit any starch, grain, or carbohydrate to start. This means no pasta, rice, potatoes, beans, tortillas, bread, etc. If they come as a side, simply ask the waiter to leave them off your plate. Ask to sub an extra side of vegetables.

Step 4: Focus on the delicious foods you can have. Choose a nourishing protein such as seafood, steak, chicken, duck, bison, or another option. Add sautéed or fresh vegetables (verify that these are sautéed in oil or butter, without extra sauces). If needed, ask for extra butter, cream, or olive oil to round out your dinner.

Watch out for high-carb sauces: Ketchup, BBQ, Sriracha, Buffalo Sauce, and most gravies contain sugars or flour.

Step 5: If staying for desserts with others, enjoy coffee or herbal tea with cream. If you really want another food, ask if the restaurant can provide berries with cream, or berries with cheese.

BONUS: Check out this Full Keto Zone Restaurant Guide including the best choices by Cuisine.

Bottom Line

You can certainly stay in the Keto Zone and have a wonderful summer vacation. Use our Keto Zone Vacation Tips to take what you need with you, stay on track while getting to your destination, and eating in the Keto Zone while there.