Labor Day is a great day for picnics, and sandwiches are a must-have. But, if you’re in the Keto Zone, you may feel like you don’t have many sandwich options that are tasty, and stay low-carb. Today, you’re in luck! Here are 5 options for a Keto Sandwich or wrap with unique bread substitutes.

Unleash your Keto Zone sandwich creativity!

5 Tasty Keto Sandwich Options

1. Pickle Sandwiches

Pickles are delicious. And now, you can use them for bread! Simply take a large pickle and cut it in half or in fourths lengthwise. Use this long pickle for the bread of your new Keto Zone Hoagie! Fill it with delicious meats, cheese, avocados, vegetables, and more.

2. Portabella Bread for a Keto Sandwich

Portabella mushrooms are likely more useful and versatile than you think. They can be used for pizza crust, grilled veggies, and even sandwich bread!

Simply, choose the portobello mushroom caps that are the right size for your sandwiches, whether large ones or sliders. Next, clean the portobello mushroom caps by cutting off the step and scraping out the “gills” with a small spoon. You’ll be left with a shell perfect to use as bread. Lastly, dry-roast the portabellas and make them crispy. Follow these instructions:

  1. Place cleaned and dry mushroom caps directly on a clean oven rack.
  2. Bake for 8-10 minutes, or until tender (they will steam and generate natural juices).
  3. Remove the caps from the oven and immediately season with salt and pepper.

Use the cooled portabellas and build your favorite Keto Zone sandwich!

3. Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce wraps have become a bit cliche, but they are still a great option for whatever sandwich your building whether a burger, a deli sandwich, or otherwise.

The key to a good lettuce wrap is using a large, strong leaf, like romaine. Make sure to wash it well, and dry completely. Then, fill it with your favorite keto sandwich fillings.

4. Nori Wraps

Nori wraps are simply dried seaweed. They are what’s used for sushi rolls, and can now be found in most grocery stores. You can use these paper-thin wraps to wrap meats, soft vegetables, smoked salmon, and more. Stuff them with avocados, turkey, and spouts for a delicious option!

What’s more, seaweed and nori are great for your health.

They contain natural iodine that supports thyroid health.

They also contain antioxidant vitamins, including vitamins A, C, and E. These antioxidants hep protect your body from free radical damage (12).

Additionally, seaweed contains fiber, which supports digestive health (3).

As a caution, don’t overdo it with eating seaweed. It is possible to get too much iodine and heavy metals from the ocean, so just keep it in moderation and use a variety of keto sandwich options.

5. Homemade or Commercial Keto Breads, Tortillas, and Wraps

Of course, you could also bake your own keto bread, tortillas, or wraps. Or, if you’ve mastered keto waffles, they make fantastic keto sandwich bread!

To bake your own, try these:

Best Ever Keto Zone Waffles

Keto Zone Sandwich Bread

Keto Zone Tortillas

Keto Zone Cloud Bread

Or you can buy keto products. If buying, just beware of harmful ingredients found in commercial products (whether keto or not). Avoid:

  1. Wheat or grain flours (whole grain and refined). These are high in carbs (much too high to stay in the Keto Zone) and are not tolerated well by many people.
  2. Partially hydrogenated oils. These processed oils are associated with inflammation, many chronic diseases, and unhealthy cholesterol levels. What’s more, animal studies indicated that processed hydrogenated oils are detrimental to our healthy gut bacteria (4).
  3. Soybean Oil. Soybean oil is another processed cheap, concentrated form of omega-6 fatty acids. They compete with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats to promote inflammation in the body. They are linked to metabolic health issues (5).
  4. Preservatives. Homemade foods are generally made without harmful, chemical preservatives. Commercial foods, on the other hand, are often loaded with them. Avoid buying foods with Sodium Propionate (an antifungal drug that can also work as an antibiotic (6)) and Sodium Metabisulfite (has a long history of possibly causing breathing reactions and irritated tissues when handled (7)). Unfortunately, these preservatives are found within many “health” foods.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to go to a Labor Day picnic sandwich-less. You can make a delicious keto sandwich or wrap with fun ingredients, and stay in the Keto Zone!

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