Ready for a healthy, energizing, change? If so, try swapping out your regular lunch for our Keto Zone® Energizing Green Smoothie for 2 weeks and see what happens! We think you’ll feel energized, support your immune function, possibly attain a more healthy weight, and even see overall whole-body benefits.

Here’s our recipe, the details of its ingredients, and what you can look forward to.

Keto Zone® Energizing Green Smoothie (with Fermented Green Supremefood® )



Mix all ingredients in a blender, adding water as needed for desired consistency. Makes 1 large serving. Enjoy!

Nutrition info: 349 calories, 6 grams fat, 12 grams net carbs (26 grams carbs, 14 grams fiber), 26 grams protein

Why Try Keto Zone® Energizing Green Smoothie?

The magic is in the ingredients. In addition to Keto Zone® Collagen Powder, Keto Zone® Fiber Zone, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats, the star of this smoothie is Divine Health® Fermented Green Supremefood®. This amazing fermented green powder is full of USDA Organic greens, vegetables, grasses, and ingredients like milk thistle. 

Milk thistle is a very special ingredient. It has been shown to support liver health, potentially offer neuroprotection and support healthy brain function in aging (1, 2), stimulate bone mineralization (3), support healthy skin and fewer blemishes (4), promote insulin sensitivity (5), and support healthy immune function.

In addition, fermented foods like those in Divine Health® Fermented Green Supremefood® contain:

  • Less Sugar. Fermentation vastly decreases sugar since it has been used as food for the fermenters. The remaining sugars become more easily digestible.
  • More Nutrients. Many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients become easier to digest and absorb.
  • Healthy Bacteria. As the fermenters proliferate, healthy bacteria multiply.
  • Natural Food Preservation. Byproducts of fermentation, like alcohol and lactic acid, naturally preserve food.
  • Better Proteins. As fermenters eat, they often alter proteins to make them more digestible.

What Can Happen in Just 2 Weeks?

In just 2 weeks, those who’ve tried this change report:

1. Modest Weight Change

This, of course, depends on your current habits and weight. But, liquid nutrition has a long history of supporting a healthier weight as long as the ingredients in the smoothie are good ones! In fact, studies have found that healthy green smoothies are great for a healthy weight.


Smoothie-drinkers often feel full because smoothies have a large volume. In studies, this has proven successful for dieters (6). They also pack in a lot of nutrients for a relatively small amount of calories.

What’s more, the energizing detox nutrients in the  Divine Health® Fermented Green Supremefood®, including organic fermented grasses, greens, and fiber can support cellular health. This in turn may allow cells to more efficiently oxidize fat.

2. Healthy Skin

There are many ingredients in the smoothie that support skin health, including those in Divine Health® Fermented Green Supremefood®  (like milk thistle) and Keto Zone® Collagen Powder. In fact, hydrolyzed collagen is a well-known and tested ingredient for amazing skin.

According to studies, collagen has been shown to support healthy skin hydration, improved visual assessment of skin, and skin elasticity (7). 

3. Anti-Bloat and Energy

Do you ever feel bloated and tired after lunch? Many adults do.

They often eat lunches that cause an energy peak and crash, or that are full of processed ingredients (like soybean oil) associated with health declines.

If that describes your lunch, trade it out for the Keto Zone® Energizing Green Smoothie! Fermented foods can fight belly bloat while supporting healthy digestion. In addition, the psyllium husk and inulin in Keto Zone® Fiber Zone are some of the best ingredients available for healthy digestion!

What’s more, our energizing smoothie has helped many people maintain steady energy throughout the afternoon, rather than an afternoon slump.

4. Less Hunger

Smoothies can go one of two ways. Sometimes, dieters feel famished.. Typically, this is because they are drinking low-fiber, high-sugar, low-nutrition smoothies. Or, they are drinking smoothies that simply don’t contain enough calories.

On the other hand, many dieters report less hunger and more energy with smoothies.

This is not a low-calorie smoothie. What’s more, the combination of  Keto Zone® Fiber Zone, high-volume fruits and vegetables, Divine Health® Fermented Green Supremefood®, water, and air whipped into it (this always happens with a blender), promotes satiety without a big solid-food lunch or an afternoon snack.

Let Us Know Your Experience

Once you take the Keto Zone® Energizing Green Smoothie Challenge, let us know what you think! Did you feel energized? See a flatter belly or experience weight changes? Skin changes?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Bottom Line

Our Keto Zone® Energizing Green Smoothie may just change your life, or at least your lunches and afternoons. Give it a try for 2 weeks and let us know how the fermented greens, fibers, and healthy fats affect your body. Enjoy!