If your weight loss has plateaued or you want to supercharge your results on the Keto Zone diet, fasting is a good next step. Keto and fasting complementing each other perfectly, and using them together is highly recommended.

Below we’ll explain why the combo is good and how you can starting implementing keto fasting today!

Keto and Fasting: A Match Made in Heaven

Fasting while on a ketogenic diet is the ultimate way to burn fat, lose weight, and even protect your body from disease.

First, let’s start with what fasting is and the benefits of doing it regularly.

Benefits of Fasting: Weight Loss, Disease Prevention, and More

Fasting is a natural and healthy physiological state that our ancestors’ bodies engaged in all the time, before we had food available to us 24/7. Basically, fasting involves not eating for a certain period of time.

And the benefits of fasting are pretty incredible.

The most common benefits include appetite suppression, faster weight loss, getting into ketosis more quickly, and more energy.

Longer-term benefits include autophagy (where body begins to eat damaged cellular materials in the body and make room for healthier ones), boosted immune system, resetting of the appetite, and slower aging. Read more about the benefits of fasting here.

Types of Fasting on Keto

There are different types of fasting to choose from, depending on how long the fast is.

The ideal length for a true fast is 3-4 days (72-96 hours), but shorter fasting periods are still beneficial.

Intermittent fasting is a popular and effective way to “mini-fast” where you have a “feeding” window of eight hours or less—such as between 12pm and 8pm or 12pm and 6pm. Alternatively, you can choose 1-2 days per week to fast for 24 hours.

The smaller eating window you can do, the better.

Keto Fasting Benefits: Ketosis and Keto Adaptation

When your body uses up all its glucose and glycogen stores during fasting, it will turn to its fat stores instead. This process is known as ketosis, the cornerstone of the ketogenic diet and the Keto Zone.

Essentially, a ketogenic diet mimics the process of fasting by fasting the body of glucose and feeding it fat for energy. It’s like a one-two punch for your health!

And here’s where they complement each other best: when your metabolism switches to fat-burning (known as being keto-adapted), you’ll be effectively burning ketones. This means:

  • Both keto and fasting will become easier and
  • You won’t need to eat as much (or feel as hungry) anymore because body is literally eating its own fat!

(Plus, taking Instant Ketones while fasting will further suppress appetite while providing extra energy to your body and brain. This makes it even easier to continue your fast.)

How to Start Fasting Today

Want to start reaping the benefits of fasting on the ketogenic diet? It costs nothing to start today! Here are some tips:

  • Starting small is best for most people. Choose an 8-hour period per day for your “feeding” window. Outside of that time (the remaining 16 hours), you’ll fast.
  • Do this 2-3 days per week until you get used to it.
  • From there, increase to every day of the week and start shortening the fasting window from there.

Also, remember to keep eating keto diet foods to stay keto-adapted and in ketosis!