If you’re already eating the Keto Zone Diet, you know how effective it is for health and weight loss. But, did you know there are hacks to help you stay in the Keto Zone?

Small changes can make a big difference.

Beyond just counting grams of carbohydrates and fats, you can choose foods that energize, reduce inflammation, and more. Use these 7 Hacks to Stay in the Keto Zone.

7 Hacks to Stay in the Keto Zone

1. Start with a Clear Plan

The best plan for any keto eating is Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet Book. This book is a true roadmap. It makes getting into the Keto Zone easy, with clear, concise recommendations. Following internet guides, tips, and tricks is also helpful, but in the beginning, it’s usually best to start with a thorough guide.

You can also get the Keto Zone Starter Kit. This kit includes Dr. Colbert’s book PLUS Instant Ketones (see more below), Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder, Ketosis Test Strips, and more.

2. Choose Real Foods

It’s always tempting to fill your diet with processed commercial foods. But, the more real, the better.


Real Keto Zone foods, like healthy fats, proteins, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and more, will help you “fill up,” stay satisfied, get all the nutrients you need, support digestion, and flood all your systems with nutrients.

Can a diet of bars and pills do this? Not usually.

In addition, when you choose real, unprocessed foods, you can avoid ingredients that drag your health down.

These ingredients include synthetic sweeteners (which can alter gut flora), unhealthy oils (more below), flavorings, colorings, chemicals like monosodium glutamate, and more.

Unlike some ketogenic diet plans, the Keto Zone Diet encourages consumption of high omega-3 foods and proteins that are anti-inflammatory like organic and local meats, fish, medium chain triglycerides, and more.

3. Add Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting doesn’t have to be difficult. You can easily add it into your Keto Zone Lifestyle.

The best part? It’s effective for weight loss without the plateaus that usually occur with calorie restriction (1).

How can you add it?

The most common type of intermittent fasting is called 16:8. This simply means that you fast 16 hours per day (including through the night), and eat only during an 8-hour window during the day.

For example, some eat from 11 am to 7 pm, and then fast and only drink non-carb/non-calorie drinks from 7 pm through 11 am the next day. You can drink Keto Zone coffee: made with coffee, Keto Zone Hydrolyzed Collagen, and Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder during this time!

Another type of fasting is called 5:2. With this type, you would eat regularly 5 days of the week and fast for 2 24-hour periods during the week.

4. Try 1-2 New, Fun, Keto Zone Recipes Per Week

No matter what “diet” you try, if it’s boring, it’s usually only temporary. A great hack?

Try 1-2 new Keto Zone Recipes per week.

The more delicious foods you add to your diet, the better. We have a few great places to start:

  1. Dr. Colbert’s Quick & Healthy Keto Zone Cookbook
  2. KetoZone.com Recipe Archive
  3. DrColbert.com Recipe Archive

5. Reduce Inflammation with Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Lifestyle

You can reduce whole-body inflammation with your food choices and lifestyle! Here are 5 steps:

Step 1: Get into the Keto Zone. By cutting carbs, adding healthy fats, and choosing great Keto Zone foods, you will reduce inflammation in the brain and body over time.

Step 2: Lose Weight. If you’re overweight, getting into the Keto Zone is a sure-fire way to begin weight loss. You will reduce your cardiovascular and whole-body inflammation as you get to a healthy weight.

Step 3: Avoid processed foods. Especially those with soybean oil, as much as possible. Concentrated omega-6 oils fight with omega-3s in the body to increase inflammation. You don’t want this! So, look at the ingredient lists when you do choose a commercial food, and avoid those with harmful oils and sugars (2).

Step 4: Proactively consume anti-inflammatory foods. Add omega-3 fats from fish. Also add turmeric and ginger. Eat Keto Zone vegetables every day. And, add  Dr. Colbert’s Krill Oil to your supplement routine.

Step 5: Practice faith, prayer, and a slower life to cut anxiety. Believe it or not, anxiety can actually increase inflammation in your body (3). What we think actually manifests physically. So think about the good things. Pray and hold onto the promises of God to reduce your own anxiety.

6. Add Exogenous Ketones

Especially during the initial 24-48 hours of going this low carb, you may feel “off.” You may experience some fatigue or even achiness and flu-like symptoms. It’s a big deal to completely change the way your body utilizes food! But, it’s not inevitable.

You can avoid the keto flu.

Instead of suffering initially, or anytime you’re trying to get back into the Keto Zone take a few servings of Instant Ketones per day. Exogenous ketones, which are ketones made outside the body, are supplemented to help you get into ketosis much quicker and without flu-like symptoms.

Once your body is burning ketones for fuel, you will feel good again and are right on track to make ketones your body’s main fuel source.

7. Use Keto Zone Fat Bombs for Snacks

To stay in the Keto Zone, it’s important to make sure you’re getting 75% or more calories come from fat (with very little from carbohydrates).

Fat bombs are a proven way to help you stay in the Keto Zone and obtain your goals. They:

  1. Satisfy Hunger: When you eat a snack high in healthy fat, with little protein or carbohydrates, they signal our brains to tell us that we’re full. In fact, in an individual food or meal, fats improve leptin and ghrelin balance to help us identify fullness vs. hunger.
  2. Improve Overall Health: Healthy fats have a lot to offer nutritionally. In place of carbohydrates, healthy fats can improve cholesterol ratios, reduce triglycerides, optimize blood sugars, improve brain health, and more.
  3. Promote Ketosis: A high-fat diet, with minimal carbs, promote ketone creation.
  4. Bust Cravings: One hallmark of the Keto Zone diet is losing weight without feeling deprived: fats bust cravings and satisfy hunger.

Try Keto Zone Coconut Fat Bombs today!

Bottom Line

Getting into, and staying in the Keto Zone doesn’t have to be difficult or overly-restricting. Use these 7 Hacks to Stay in the Keto Zone easily!