If you’re in the Keto Zone, there may be some favorite foods or recipes you feel you can longer eat. Fortunately, this is not usually the case. If you miss favorite foods on Keto, we’ve got a guide to help you find and convert favorite recipes and dishes to low-carb Keto Zone foods.

In fact, it’s likely easier than you think.

Here are 6 steps to turn any dinner into a Keto Zone Dinner and how to find Keto in every cuisine. Don’t miss favorite foods on keto another day!


Step 1: Think about your favorite meal or take a look at your favorite recipe.

Step 2: Identify any grains in the recipe. Think of bread, noodles, rice, breadcrumbs, and more.

Step 3: Substitute the grains as directed below. Or, for many dishes, it works fine to simply omit them completely.

Step 4: Find any sugars or sweeteners. Be extra careful to consider sugars and sweeteners in sauces or condiments.

Step 5: Replace sweeteners with a Keto-friendly option like stevia, erythritol, etc.

Step 6: Consider how much fat is in the meal. If it’s not high-fat, add a healthy fat such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, avocados or others.

These steps can decrease the carbohydrates to <5% of the carbohydrates, maintain moderate protein, and increase the fat to 75%+ of the calories.

Miss Favorite Foods on Keto? How to Include Different Cuisines

Within specific cuisines, here’s how to find them in a restaurant or make changes at home.

1. American, Burgers, and Sandwiches

When eating a burger joint or sandwich, it’s mostly about omitting the bread or bun and being aware of the sugars in condiments.

For the bread, you can either:

  • use a large lettuce wrap for it
  • try portabella mushrooms in place of buns
  • find keto-friendly bread, or simply go bunless.
  • go bunless completely and use a fork

Condiment warning: Pay attention to the condiments and look at recipes and nutrition information. Traditional ketchup and BBQ sauce are high carb – so find new recipes or keto-brands. Mustard and mayo are great are low-carb.  Or, use avocados, bacon, guacamole or pesto. You’ll never miss the ketchup!

Recipes to try:

5 Ways to make Keto Zone Burgers

Keto Zone Sandwich Bread

2. Steaks and Barbeque

Great news! Steak and barbeque meat fit very in the Keto Zone. However, most sides that come alongside them are high carbohydrate.

Here’s what to change:

  1. First, look at the seasoning. Use butter, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper and avoid high-carbohydrate marinades or rubs with sugar.
  2. If you want BBQ Sauce, try this delicious Keto Zone BBQ Sauce recipe.
  3. Find side dishes that are in the Keto Zone such as grilled Keto Zone vegetables, Keto Zone Zucchini Fries or Keto Zone Cauliflower Fritters.

3. Mediterranean

More good news: If you’re eating a Mediterranean dinner, you won’t have too much to change. Mediterranean diets are fresh, healthy, and anti-inflammatory (2).

Keep the fish or other healthy protein and fresh vegetables. You can also have fresh mozzarella and olive oil.

Avoid or replace any bread or noodles.

Recipes to try:

6 Low-Carb Pasta Alternatives

4. Chinese, Japanese, and Asian

Asian cuisine includes many healthy, Keto-friendly components such as healthy fish, spices, soups, and teas are very nutritious.

To make it completely in the Keto Zone:

  1. Take out the rice: The rice is very high carb and can be easily replaced with cauliflower rice. Not only is cauliflower a great low-carb alternative, but it’s sulfur compounds are also highly antioxidative, anti-cancer, and helps cells detoxify (3)! Or, you make Asian wraps with meat, vegetables, and large lettuce leaves.
  2. Sauces: Asian sauces are notoriously high in sugar. Watch and look for Keto-friendly brands. Next, do pay attention to the sauce. Most all of them contain sugar, honey, or another sweetener. Typically, you can make any Asian sauce recipe Keto Zone by replacing the high-carb sweetener with Erythritol and any cornstarch with almond flour.

Recipes to try:

Keto Chicken Teriyaki

5. Mexican and Tex-Mex

Believe it or not, Mexican and Tex-Mex can easily be changed to Keto Zone.

To start, omit or substitute the regular tortillas, chips, Spanish rice, and beans. Consider large lettuce leaves to replace the tortilla; lettuce-wrapped tacos work well. Or, simply have a taco, burrito, and fajita bowl.

Load on the Keto Zone vegetables, Pico de Gallo, chilies, and guacamole.

6. Italian

There are three main a few typical non-Keto Zone ingredients in most Italian meals.

  1. Noodles. To turn a noodle-Italian dinner into a Keto Zone dinner, first, replace traditional noodles with spaghetti squash noodles or spiralized zucchini.
  2. Pizza Crust. Try different recipes to find your favorite new Keto Zone pizza recipe. Once you find one you like, you’ll be glad you spent the time.
  3. Meatballs. To make Keto Zone meatballs, replace the breadcrumbs. Amazingly, pork rinds are a great solution! Smash pork grind and use them in place of breadcrumbs in your favorite meatball recipe.

7. Desserts

If your favorite dishes include desserts, and you miss them, you’re in luck. There are many, many great dessert options within Keto Zone eating.

The two biggest changes to dessert recipes are subbing the 1) sweeteners and 2) flours.

Baking can be tricky with Keto ingredients, so start by following recipes.

Recipes to try:

Keto Zone Almond Chocolate Cookies (no-bake)

Lemony Macaroons

Keto Zone Avocado Ice Cream

Remember to Add Healthy Fats

One of the most important parts of a Keto Zone recipe transformation is to add more healthy fats after you take out the carbs. This step will round out the meal, add flavor, and get the percentage of carbs over 75% of the calories. Use avocado, hemp heart seeds or macadamia nuts, olive oil or coconut milk and others.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to suffer and miss favorite foods on Keto Zone. Almost any recipe can be converted. Including foods you love is one key to making Keto Zone a lifestyle. And, if you’d like more tips and recipes, try our FREE  Keto Zone 21-Day-Challenge today!